Mercedes V Class XL (exit the Viano)

The successor to the Viano, the new V-Class combines outstanding spaciousness and exceptional functionality with the sense of quality, the aesthetic appeal, the comfort and the safety that typically characterise the cars that bear the three-pointed star. The V Class seats have been designed to offer maximum comfort for little group of family travelling together. Built to high standards of luxury and reliability the Viano brings comfort and more space. With his 7 passenger seat and his large truck the Viano XL (Extra-Long) is popular for both business and leisure travel, transporting larger groups of executives between meetings, and from airports and specially for touring passengers to visit places of interest and cover longer distances.

Note:   Since 2016 we upgraded all V Class in the fleet for the new XL configuration, full leather, black windows, extra-long version, face to face back seat, 7 passengers. Because it is the most luxurious and convenient people carrier on the market it brings the MPV to a new level of comfort and silence, now we can say that travel in a minibus became a must.

































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