"Dominating the Riviera coastline, Eze is the perfect example of a perched village"



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Dominating the coastline, Eze also known as the Eagle's Nest of the Riviera, is the perfect example of a perched village. Come enjoy the incredible view of the Mediterranean Sea and take a stroll inside this medieval gem. The village offers you a multitude of souvenir and artists shops, terrace cafés and high-class hotels and restaurants.

Things to do:
    - Le Jardin Exotique: open since 1949, this exotic garden provides an opportunity to discover many wonderful species of plants including aloe, euphorbia, cacti and agave. This place offers a fascinating view of  the French Riviera;
    - The Moyenne Corniche drive circles around the rocky escarpments of Tête de Chien with its remarkable views of Monte Carlo, Cap Martin and the Italian Coast.

Don't Miss:
    - Château de la Chèvre d'Or: a five-star Hotel with its Michelin starred Gourmet Restaurant;
    - The Fragonard perfume Factory;
    - The extraordinary garden perched on the top of the hill.


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