"Cannes is famous by his events all around the year"               


Sight tour of Cannes

Cannes welcomes you all the year with a Mediterranean climate. This city is famous by his events all around the year: International Film Festival in May with the stars descending the red-carpet steps, NRJ Music Awards and lots of congrès in the Palais des festivals. Cannes is also a luxury city by the beautiful yachts you can admire in the ports, the magnificent and expensive cars you can see along the Croisette from the Palais to the Palm Beach as the Rolls-Royce, Ferrari, Porsche…
It’s really a magic place where you can find haute-couture cloth or jewellery in luxury boutiques as Prada, Dior, Vuitton, Hermes and so much more. And all this paradise is facing the sea.

The Rue d’Antibes offers a great deal of shops as well as the Rue Ménnadier.
 If you have children, close to the Palais des Festivals, you will find the Carrousel.
Surprising tranquil despite their proximity to Cannes, the Îles de Lérins (Sainte Marguerite and Sainte Honorat) offer you a fine panorama of the bay and the chance to explore a fortress and the old fortified monastery. This place is also perfect to let the kids run loose.

Cannes is famous for all his prestigious hotels in front of the sea which are located there and where live Hollywood stars, models and very rich people. The main Hotels are the Carlton, the Majestic and the Martinez.

You can stroll on the sandy beaches of La Croisette and degusting gastronomic meal with a glass of rosé wine.

Cannes by night:
- Start when the evening begins by have a drink in a sumptuous and chic Hotel or Bars on a terrace in a relaxed atmosphere.
Later, you can enjoy a classical music at Les Nuits Musicales du Suquet or contemporary music concerts with the Pantiero. And also you have the choice to get a nightclub where a lot of famous DJ comes for the summer.
After an amazing and glittering night, you can admire the sunrise over the bay.

- Fireworks: admire the sky and different shows during summer.


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